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Improve the neurological integrity of your child and the results will speak for themselves…

The Remove & Rebuild Program for children and adults with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (and other behavior and learning difficulties) is a safe, NON-drug program designed to allow for improved neurological function and optimal performance (see details by clicking here)

These are just some of the results from children who have participated in Dr. Prentice’s Remove & Rebuild Program in the last year.

8 year-old male

54% improvement in 11 weeks

7 year-old female

31% improvement in 11 weeks

12 year-old female

25% improvement in 11 weeks

6 year-old male

33% improvement in 11 weeks

11 year-old male

45% improvement in 11 weeks

8 year-old male

50% improvement in 12 weeks

5 year-old male

65% improvement in 12 weeks

13 year-old female

37% improvement in 12 weeks

10 year-old male

16% improvement in 12 weeks

8 year-old female

44% improvement in 11 weeks

15 year-old male

72% improvement in 12 weeks

7 year-old female

39% improvement in 16 weeks

11 year-old male

27% improvement in 10 weeks

*These results were calculated from questionnaires completed by parents on 20 different ADHD characteristics.

The above results were achieved WITHOUT the use of any medications.

It’s not about covering up symptoms with chemicals…it’s about restoring optimal neurological function.